Rethink your Business Strategy from Cloud First to Cloud Next

Harness the true potential of next-generation IT infrastructure to
derive actionable insight from the influx of massive amount of data.

Solve the Most Complex Problem with Netweb HPC Solutions!

Netweb HPC solutions can unlock rich insight from the data generated within an organization. Our bespoke solutions are built to unleash the power of innovation. We have successfully completed over hundreds of installations and our dedicated team of HPC experts have experience spanning many industries and domain accelerating the efficiency of your organizations. Furthermore, you can expect superior scalability, flexibility, and control of the HPC solutions with a wide range of systems and interconnect.

Improve Your Workload Efficiency with Netweb Servers & Workstations!

Our Server & Workstations solutions are designed to reduce the complexity of running modern mission-critical workloads. With a highly compatible enterprise-grade server as the cornerstone of your IT infrastructure strategy, you can integrate with a cloud of choice, and deploy and shift workloads across the cloud environment. Powered by Netweb Server solution, you can transform your business efficiency and accomplish an unprecedented feat. At Netweb, we offer more than 200 configurations providing you the power of choice. Very few companies such a wide range of selections in the industry. Moreover, our servers & workstations are flexible enough to future proof your IT infrastructure.

Unlock the Hidden Capabilities of Private/Hybrid Cloud with Netweb Cloud Solutions

Public cloud has its limitations. We understand that and have accordingly designed private/hybrid cloud solution for running modern workloads and ensuring agility, high availability, continuity, high throughput, security, and failover mechanism for the IT infrastructure. With the evolving times, we have also developed cloud-in-a box solution. With its capabilities, you can set up a private cloud within few minutes and start running workload of your choice. With Netweb cloud solutions, you can leverage the scalable and flexible features to keep abreast with the computational demands and growth of your businesses.

Harness the Capabilities of Deep-Tech Storage Solution from Netweb!

The magnitude, intensity and variety of data produced by a modern enterprise is truly mind boggling. Legacy storage solution with siloed approach has its limitation in modern times. Netweb is keenly aware of the shortcomings. Our unified storage (File & Block) solution is an all-in-one solution that can be used as a Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), or both and virtual tape library (VTL). Apart from unified storage solution, we also offer a rich choice of Cloud Storage, Container Storage and next generation storage solution for HPC, AI/ML and archival & surveillance requirements.

Accelerate the Efficiency of AI/ML Workloads with a Modern IT Infrastructure!

AI/ML models are solving problems hitherto deemed virtually unimaginable. Building a robust model requires training the model with massive volume of data that demands a formidable computing, storage, and networking requirements. Netweb AI solutions are custom made to run your AI/ML workloads both on the bare metals as well as cloud servers. Moreover, our AI-ready solutions significantly boost the learning of your insight finding solutions for solving real-world problems that would otherwise take months or years.

InfiniBand Unified Storage

Over 45 Installation HPC

Presence In 3 Countries

Over 50+ Employee Globally


Netweb Cloud Service delivers the latest technology-based cloud services
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Take full advantage of your Kubernetes architecture with containerized applications that allow you to meet your organization’s specialized needs.

Private cloud/openstack

Our Openstack solution supports mission-critical applications and data, while offering supreme scalability and agility—with no vendor lock-in.